Blooming Heart

a little food and water for the blog

I’m usually so careful to feed and water my blog regularly; I fear it’s been withering in my absence, static and stagnant over the past few days of my trip.

BUT, that is because something else has been fed and watered in its stead – my heart.  It has been so good to be home, to see sisters and parents and tomorrow a good friend.  My heart needed to reconnect with this after far too long.  We’ve had long talks, good fun, good food, and made new memories.  You can never be too old, married too long, or have too many kids to relish the idea of being cared for again, and remembering what can be good about coming back square one.

My family back home is doing well, though I hear in the strain in their voices when we talk.  They will do well, and we will all grow from this experience.  Two more full days in California before I fly home – surely we will all (including this blog!) make it out okay.