My New Taxi: A 2010 VW Routan

I’ve been putting up to 150 miles a week on my car by repeatedly driving within the same limited radius: elementary school, jr high, high school, grocery store, daughter’s work, and church.  It’s put a lot of wear-and-tear on our 12yr old Suburban, and several months ago we decided to take advantage of a really great deal and work towards getting a new Volkswagen Routan (just the S model – we went *super basic*).

We picked up the new van on Friday, and I love it!

Not our van, but same model. Photo courtesy

I think my favorite thing is the awesome visibility – there is a ton of windshield to take everything in, and the windows and rear-view are well-spaced.  It’s a very quiet, smooth ride.  It’s much narrower than our Suburban, and we lost one seat, so the kids do have to cozy in a bit closer.  The Routan has a boxier body than most Volkswagens, but I’ll forgive it that.  I appreciate the simple dashboard, dual temperature controls (though fan strength doesn’t change, and our basic model has no heated seats), and especially the mp3 jack for the radio.

Again, not our van, though this is an exact duplicate. Photo courtesy Yahoo Autos.

I’m not sure why, but there are a whopping SIX CUPHOLDERS in the front of the car, with four for the middle bench, and four in the back.  There are also power outlets strategically placed throughout the interior.  And the large windows for the middle bench actually open!  I’m not sure why that tickles me so, but I honestly giggle every time I realize they’re able to put those windows down.

I also really like the trunk area:

Not our van. Photo courtesy Yahoo Autos.

The hooks in the back are convenient for storing grocery bags, and our model came with mesh accessory bags that can stretch the width of the trunk space and keep things in place.  I brought groceries home tonight and was so happy to know the milk gallons weren’t rolling around in the back.

Today was a crazy busy day driving in circles for nearly three hours, but I have to say, I enjoyed it much more in my new taxi!