Motherhood Makes My Eyes Cross


Hold up your hand at eye level, several inches away, palm towards your face.  Focus on your fingers.  Then slowly move your hand towards your face.  I dare you not to lose focus without your eyes crossing.

That’s how motherhood has been feeling for me lately.

Of the many things I feel I’ve maybe sorta botched in the motherhood department, sometimes I wonder if I have been TOO accessible as a mother.  In wanting my kids to come to me, trust me, confide in me, I’ve failed at drawing clear boundaries that help me to focus and stay clear-headed. 

When I’ve been asked one too many questions or told one too many long-winded stories about the minutea of their day, I end up snapping.  I tell them to scram.  Or I hide in my room.  By the looks on their faces, you’d think they had found the doors locked at the 24hr Walmart.  And I understand their confusion – I tell them they can always come to me, and yet I don’t always want them to come to me.

How do you draw boundaries?  How do you keep things in focus?  How do you let your kids know you are always there for them, but within reason?