My BFFs from Reality TV

My name is Stacey, and I am a Reality TV addict. (::hangs head in mock shame::) 

It’s only gotten worse since the arrival of our DVR last month, too!  Now I can record Housewives (I prefer Orange County and New York), America’s Next Top Model, The Millionaire Matchmaker, and so much more!

As embarrassing as it can be to admit this particular addiction, I must defend myself by saying:  there are some really cool people on Reality TV!  Here now are some people I’ve enjoyed spending (screen)time with, and who I would welcome into my home for realsies, too.


Jet and Cord from this season's Amazing Race.

The cowboy brothers from Oklahoma have proved charming, funny, and incredibly resourceful!  I mean, is there anything these guy CAN’T do?  Manuever foreign streets, shoot five tricky soccer goals, bungee jump – whatever it is, these guys take on the challenge with nary a blink or pause, and usually with some hilarious one-liners too!

Janine, from this season's Shear Genius

Janine, from this season's Shear Genius

Honestly, I don’t even know why I’ve gotten into watching Shear Genius, except that Janine is such a perky little ray of light – I love her attitude!  She wins nearly every challenge, whether it be the quickies or the elimination rounds, and she’s always so chipper in addition to being incredibly talented. 

Casey, Alex, Michael; Crystal, Lilly, Didi - from this season's American Idol

Casey, Alex, Michael; Crystal, Lilly, Didi - from this season's American Idol

I kinda got turned off of American Idol for a while, but these 6 contestants are the reason I’ve been tuning in every week this season.  The girls especially – I love them!  I love how one by one the “Diva Wannabe”s have been voted off, leaving us with some really honest voices and performers.  Michael might be the one singer who doesn’t fit with this group – he a little over the top at times – but he’s won my appreciation for his command of the stage.  I’d love to these these 6 finish in the top spots!


Anthony, from this season's Project Runway

While I’m not in love with Anthony’s design aesthetic (he gets a little “out there” sometimes), I think this guy is absolutely hilarious.  He doesn’t seem to have one contentious bone in his body, and he has an indefatiguable spirit.  As kooky as he seems, he also appears to be earnestly God-fearing, which makes him the post peculiar, delightful mix to me!

Come on – fess up now.  Do you watch Reality TV?  Do you have any favorite contestants that make it all worthwhile for you?  I’d love to know I’m not alone here!