You Say Tomato

Most people would probably look at this store and – if they’re from the South – recognize it as one of several in a chain of Ingles (as in someone’s last name) grocery stores:


However, not being from the South, my husband and I laughed our heads off, because we saw it this way:

ingles edit

(ingl├ęs is “English” in Spanish….get it?)

Okay, maybe my husband and I are a little odd, but it’s pretty funny the games your brain will play on you from time to time!

  • Netta Lloyd

    Thanks for the laugh this morning! I love it! So is it really pronounced like Laura “Ingalls”?

  • Where did you see an Ingle’s? I used to work at one, it was my first job!! Yes, it is pronounced “Ingalls” And the owner, Bob Ingle, has a daughter named Laura Lynn Ingle, so their store brand products are called “Laura Lynn”. Pretty funny, huh?
    .-= Amy Christensen´s last blog ..Shhh! =-.

  • Lauralee Hensley

    I don’t remember what the brain ability is called that allows us to even read sentences correctly that has several incorrectly spelled words in them. I saw a man once read on TV a very long paragraph very fast and not stumble even once over some really badly spelled words. Some way our brain is able to make sense out of the mistakes almost instantly.

  • Lauralee Hensley

    Did you notice I typed has instead of have above, or did your brain just read it as have instead of has, which if it did, it corrected it instantly.

  • Laura Lynn

    im from farther south than the ingles stores i never seen one till this summer and i freaked out because a bunch of stuff was laura lynn and i never seen that and my name is laura lynn so i was like omg im famous! c’: hahaha