Toddlers Can Be Such a Tough Crowd


Looking for a totally discouraging experience?  Follow these proven steps to motherhood angst, and you’ll be on your way!

First:  observe your toddler throwing the most irrational tantrums – knocking down dining room chairs, biting his big brother, hitting the dog, violently pullings plugs out of the wall, and clearing the kitchen counters with huge sweeps of his arms. 

Next:  worry that your lifestyle’s total lack of structure and continuity has affected your toddler’s sense of security.

Then:  cry because there’s nothing you can do about the fact your husband travels all the time, your puppy needs a ton of attention, and the older kids have different schedules for every day of the week, leaving you constantly running this way and that (usually while dragging the toddler along).

Decide:  you’re going to create structure by beginning every day with a 1-mile walk with puppy AND toddler. (this is not the discouraging part.  this is actually working pretty well.)

Search:  resources online to start your own homeschool preschool with your toddler.

Check out:  books on toddler activities and CDs of favorite toddler tunes at the library.

Print:  a TON of lapbook materials, alphabet lace cards, and sit-down activities.

Assemble:  all sorts of materials for your little “school,” patting yourself on the back for finally using that gigantic roll of contact paper you bought ages ago.

Purchase:  materials you can’t find at home or print yourself.

Set up:  your own little “school” area.

Spend:  an hour trying to get your toddler excited about this brand new adventure.

Sit:  while your toddler tries to pull everything apart, knocks his little school chairs over, and ends up playing with toys in the other room.

Though I want to crumple into a little pile of mother bits, I won’t be undone by this.  I do think that creating some kind of structure and challenging him to become mentally engaged will help with his increasingly outrageous behavior.  I’ll post soon with an update, as well as links to resources I’ve found for some of the activities I’m using!