In Which My Husband Runs Over Our Daughter with the Car

Last night my 13yo daughter suffered a freak “crush injury,” and I don’t mean the cute boy at school snubbed her in the hallway.

My husband and 15yo and 13yo daughters were coming home with dinner from the store.  My husband had told my 13yo he wanted her to pull the trash can up from the curb when they got home.  As they approached our driveway, my husband jokingly said to her, “You may as well just jump out here.”  My 13yo misunderstood – I believe she thought he was going to stop – so she hopped out of the car.  Problem was, it was still moving.  She fell when her feet hit the ground, my husband was totally confused at her jumping out, so he didn’t have time to react.  He ended up running over her right ankle as soon as she fell. 

From my end of things, I was just waiting for dinner and to get on with the evening.  I heard the car in the driveway and got ready to come help with the groceries and dinner prep.  But then my husband came in carrying my daughter, who was clearly in a lot of pain.  For some reason, I thought they were playing some kind of joke – my husband is a joker – so I laughed at them.  Then they set me straight.

My daughter was crying from pain and from regret.  She kept saying how sorry she was.  My husband just kept repeating that he was going to be sick (I think feeling your car go over your child probably does that to you).

We got the other kids and the puppy settled, then took her to the ER.  I can’t believe how well she kept it together considering the amount of pain she was in.  She was also clearly in shock, as she began shivering uncontrollably and was a little disoriented.  Her ankle and foot were not pretty, but none of us mentioned it.

They saw her very quickly, considering the ER was *packed*.  She was in so much pain as they manipulated her foot for the X-rays.  When they finally gave her a blanket and some Vicodin for the pain, she was much happier.

Turns out the doctors couldn’t decide what they saw on the X-rays.  There is a line at the injury site, but it could either be an incomplete fracture or a shadow from the growth plate that hasn’t quite fused into bone.  They put her in a temporary splint with crutches for 7-10 days, then we’ll see an orthopedic surgeon who will take more X-rays and take it from there.

My husband still feels awful about the whole thing, playing the other various endings to the story out in his mind – all of which are MUCH worse than what actually happened.  My daughter is still in a lot of pain, and unfortunately the pain meds are making her throw up.  I hope that settles down soon.  She’ll miss some school, and after that, some PE.  We have to keep her mostly upstairs so the puppy isn’t underfoot or jumping on her injury.  We’ll be adjusting a lot of things over the next couple of weeks, but considering what might have been, I’m happy to do whatever is necessary.