Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Preface:  My husband is out of town this week.  I envy him his empty hotel room.

Puppy woke at 4am, and despite trying to put her back in her crate and grab a little more rest myself, I couldn’t fall back asleep and she was barking again by 5am anyway.

My oldest daughter woke up an hour late and threw her frantic energy everywhere in the rush to get ready.

My second daughter made a fuss about me signing something for her teacher, and then even after I did, she forgot it on the kitchen table.

My third daughter huffed and puffed as she looked for the Nintendo DS.  Apparently she has a special period today as a reward and can bring any electronic device.  They 2yo was playing with the DS last night, so who knows where it could be.  My daughter was nearly in tears having to “just” bring her mp3 player.

My older son was ready to walk out the door before he realized he hadn’t done his homework from the night before.  With jacket on and bag still on his back, he knelt at the living room table and quickly scribbled out his answers.

My younger son has spent 85% of his awake time this morning yelling, crying, fussing, or showing his own style of agressive affection to the puppy.  And he continues to insist that he go outside every time the puppy needs to go out.  This morning he splashed around the rain-soaked backyard in pj’s and bare feet.

And the puppy, full of energy despite her early rising, has made a menace of herself by repeatedly pulling the couch fluff out of a once-smaller hole in the upholstery.

The time is now 8:20am.  It’s going to be a LONG DAY.