How Six Little Words Got My Name in a Book

Twice in 2009 I had the unique opportunity to have my name in print media.  Sure, I put myself out there all over the internet, but there’s something just a little special (and very humbling) about PRINT.  In January a story of mine appeared in the blog book “Something Cleverish,” a compilation of stories put together to raise funds for Stephanie Nielsen, a well-known blogger who had been in a terrible plane crash.  Later in the year, a blurb of mine appeared in a Redbook magazine article about facing fears.  (I received a surprising amount of emails anit-all-changedd phone calls from that article!)

2010 is starting off pretty cool with my name in print again.  Coming out on January 5th is the book It All Changed in an Instant:  More Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure.  I clearly fit into the “obscure” category.  Here’s the scoop:

Smith Magazine is a site that asks:  Everyone has a story.  What’s yours?  Their mission is to be a platform and gathering place for storytellers focusing on personal narrative.  One of the ways they do this is with their Six-Word Memoirs site, where they take contributions from everyone who wants to share, and sometimes gather selections into book form (other Six-Word Memoir books include Not Quite What I Was Planning and On Love & Heartbreak ).  I submitted my own six-word memoir under the topic of “It All Changed in an Instant,” and they chose it for the book’s publication!

For those of you dying to know what I wrote, I’ll spill.  My six-word memoir (in terms of everything changing in an instant) is:

Met and married in two months.

Obviously there’s a story there, though it would take waaaaay more than six words to tell it!

I’m excited to get a contributor’s copy of the book, and I’ve been invited to the book reading in Austin on January 8th (though not sure if I’ll make it!).  It’ll be fun to be a part of this ride, and it just goes to show – everyone really does have a story to tell!