If You Lived Closer, We’d Share

Round One of the Great Holiday Cookie Delivery concluded this past weekend.  My husband had a great time baking up about 12 dozen cookies that he and the kids then delivered to several of our friends.


If you weren’t caroled by our family yet, don’t worry, we’ll be going for Round Two and probably Round Three before the season is over!

To all those friends we miss so much in Oregon – thanks for the memories and the fabulous legacy of trading treats.  We’re carrying on the tradition here and hoping it catches on.

BC252decjanCOVERforwebFYI:  my husband got all the recipes from a Betty Crocker Christmas Cookies booklet.  It’s absolutely excellent, and all the cookies came out looking exactly as pictured.  My husband is very pleased with this little booklet, and that means something, since he is an avid baker.  If you see it in the store and you need a new cookie recipe book, I recommend it!