It Really Snowed in Houston!

Much to our absolute shock and delight, it really did snow in Houston on Friday!

Forecasters had placed the worst of the action during mid-afternoon, but even by 9am the sleet was coming down.  Every so often you’d see a heavier flake meander down as well.  We got news by 10am that the schools were releasing early – “early” being 12:30 and 1:30. 

Unfortunately for the kids, most of the action happened right around noon!  There were honest-to-goodness flurries, and the snow began to accumulate.  It was crazy!  All I could do was laugh and laugh – it was just so unexpected.  Our 2yo, who had never seen snow before, kept whispering “Wow!” as he watched out the window.

My husband went to pick up the kids, but by the time everyone was home and dressed to play outside, the snow was beginning to melt.  They made the most of it, got plenty cold, then came inside for cocoa. 

That was about the extent of it.  By mid-afternoon (when we had been expecting the most activity) the sun was shining and everything was just heading towards a memory.  That night my husband and I went out to look at Christmas lights, and there were tall and tiny snowmen all around town (surrounded by bare grass – the snow was all gone). 

Quite an event for Houston!

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