Feels Enough Like Spring


I’ve been joking that Texas Winters feel like Oregon Springs, but even that doesn’t completely explain my recent need to clean and organize my home.

I think it has more to do with the holidays. Decorating for Christmas just doesn’t feel the same when you’re trying to place a delicate nativity scene alongside a pile of papers or a cheery snowman amid a collection of dustbunnies.

And not only do I want my favorite decorations featured in a more pristine environment, I also want the kids’ things cleared out and sorted, ready to absorb the humble offerings of Christmas morn.

This year I’ve added something extra to the home makeover agenda: moving our 11yo daughter into her own room. This has meant a LOT of trips up and down the stairs (which in turn means ibuprofin for the backaches!), and we’re still days away from entirely making the switch, but I think in the end it will be great.

So tell me, do you catch the Spring Cleaning bug during the holidays?  Or am I the only one who feels this cross-seasonal urge? 🙂