Turkey’s Gone – Now What?


"After Thanksgiving Dinner," by Joseph Christian Leyendecker

Families across America are either preparing to host the mother of all turkey dinners or preparing to travel towards the tasty aromas of home.  Either way, many of us will be with immediate and extended family next week, and some us of for more than just the Big Day.  What do you do with all that post-tryptophan free time?

This Sunday night on my MomTV.com show “Live & Learn,” our family will be sharing some of our favorite games to play during long holiday visits.  Card games, board games, and more – many of them appropriate for 6yrs and older, and many that suit different interests, abilities, and time requirements/restraints.

We’d love to have you join us Sunday night at 10PM EST!  If you visit the MomTV.com homepage, you can even utilize the reminder feature to remind you about the show.  Or…if you miss us, you can watch in playback at MomTV.com, or right here in the sidebar of my blog!

Follow this link to Live & Learn’s Homepage on MomTV.com