Live Show Review: Our Night at Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic

Last night my three daughters and I were able to see Disney on Ice
100 Years of Magic
, courtesy of Mom Central and Feld Entertainment.  The male contingent of our family were ultimately not able to make it, so we were happy to have a friend and her two daughters come along to experience the show and add their own perspective.

I’ll be writing this review in two parts:  the show experience, and the show itself.


If you’ve never been to a show like this before, a few things to be prepared for:

  • The merchandising and food sales are vast, varied, and expensive.  We ate before we went and had snacks waiting in the car for afterward, but if you plan on eating there or buying souvenirs, be ready to pay up.
  • The crowd is busy, busy, busy.  This is probably because the average age of the crowd is around 4yrs old (give or take), but the regular flow of people up and down the stairways in search of food, bathrooms, and respite can be a little distracting.
  • With this show in particular, location matters.  Some shows and venues don’t have a bad seat in the house, but the staging for this show is set up in one static location, and if you’re not sitting at the right angle, you can miss a lot of action.  Take for instance our seats:

That’s the view looking straight ahead from our seats.  We happened to be on the farthest edge of seating (the curtain blocking off the rest of the arena was right next to us) and slightly behind the actual staging.  There was apparently a large castle where a lot of the action was taking place and where the characters emerged from, but we couldn’t see any of it.  Often when you purchase your tickets for shows like this, you are able to look at a seating chart to select your location – I highly recommend utilizing that option for this show.

Having said all that, do you really think the kids noticed?

(our little friends, who are 4 and 3)

(I know they don't look very excited, but they were! They're just really concentrating on the story!)

Not so much!  They were all excited to be there and engaged in the story, which brings me to…


Disney on Ice:  100 Years of Magic has a basic storyline involving Mickey and Minnie Mouse as they introduce some of the favorite Disney characters from classic and modern movies.  Some of the character segments are specifically written for the show (like the scene with The Incredibles), while some of the character segments are actually re-enactments of movie scenes, complete with audio recordings straight from the movie and soundtrack (like Beauty & the Beast, the Lion King, and more).  I think I liked those the best, because it was so fun to see these ice skaters acting out something familiar in an entirely new way.  It was also great fun to sing along with our favorite Disney songs.  The costumes were at times really impressive, and it made you wonder how the skaters performed in such cumbersome outfits.  Kudos to them!  For me, the highlights of the show included Beauty & the Beast (gorgeous!), Pinocchio (the Blue Fairy was lovely and the skater for Pinocchio was incredible!), and Toy Story (the army men were particularly funny).  I also think the Disney Princesses segment was very sweet and there were some surprising twists to the Mulan battle scenes.

[slideshow id=2]

Overall, I enjoyed the show, though I think there was a precarious balance between some of the drawbacks of the show experience and the positive excitement of the show itself.  I would ultimately recommend that if you want to attend this show, buy tickets at a discounted or lower price and prepare to just relax and not be bothered by the extraneous stuff involved.  And definitely focus on your kids and allow their excitement to infect your mood – it’s so worth it!

The show runs in Houston from November 11-November 15 at Reliant Stadium (click here for showtimes).


  • When buying tickets online, look for the “MC Promotion” box, and enter the coupon code MOM in order to get 4 tickets for $44 to the Friday matinee.  Must buy 4 to get the discount.  Each additional ticket will be priced $11/ea.  Offer is not valid on Rinkside or VIP or VIP Dining seating.  Service charge and handling fees will apply.
  • -or- Enter the coupon code MOM in order to get $4 off the regular ticket price of the Friday night and weekend shows.  All other restrictions as listed above.