Next Time You’re Called a “Nerd”…

Earlier this week I mentioned in a bummed-out Facebook update that my day had really “whomped.”  This started a brief discussion among my friends about the origin of the word – which, as far as I know, dates back to the absolutely fabulous Recess cartoons.

The exchange got me to thinking about the origin of other words and phrases we commonly hear and say.  Hence…the topic for this week’s “Live & Learn” on!

For instance, did you know that the word “nerd” originated from the Dr. Seuss story, If I Ran the Zoo?  That’s one prevailing theory, anyway; he used it as the nonsense name of a creature in the story, along with a Nerkle (I think I’d rather be called a Nerd).

If you’d like to sample a bit of Live & Learn before you come watch live on Sunday night, feel free to use the new player I installed on the sidebar – you can scroll through all the recorded shows thus far to catch up!  And I created a new Facebook Fan Page that you can join at the bottom of this blog.

I do hope you’ll come Sunday night at 10PM EST to talk word origins and more – I hope to help you think a little differently about the things you say and hear!

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