Wordless Wednesday: Wrong Answer


Dear Linus,

 The answer to the question “Does this bow make my head look big?” is always, always, always:  “No!”

(ps: Dont’ ask why I took pictures of the TV while our family was watching The Great Pumpkin.  I guess I was just trying to liven-up my 5,000th viewing of that show!)

(pps:  That’s not really what happened in this scene, but isn’t it funny to take it out of context!?)

  • LOL you’d think after all these years Linus would have learned to say NO!

  • Susan

    LOL, poor Linus LOL.

  • LOL! Happy WW 🙂

  • Cassie

    So funny, so true!

  • LOL Hey, whatever it takes to liven things up. 😉 We appreciated it! Happy WW!

  • LOL Love your commentary better!

  • You think he’d learn by now!

  • Kasandria

    LOVE that movie!
    Happy WW!

  • LOLLLLL that is totally something I would do… then sit back down and get the “that is so freakin obnoxious” stare from my husband hahaha

  • That is really funny!

  • Great words to live by! LOL

  • LOL. We’ve been watching it here, too. Funny, I don’t think the kids actually sat through the entire viewing any of the times it was on.

  • that is funny. Happy WW

  • Love The Great Pumpkin…twenty some odd years later it’s still my favorite! Happy WW!

  • Cute. Love how you re-interpreted the scene. Certainly livens up the viewing.