Our Subversive, Thrilling Halloween

Maybe “subversive” isn’t the right word, but we have started a Halloween tradition that brings about some confusion and at least a few questions.  And for people who know us a little better, it brings a lot of laughs, too.

Our church has a custom of holding a Trunk-or-Treat on (or as near as possible to) Halloween.  The idea is that you park in the church lot, open your trunks, decorate them, and then kids travel around the lot picking up candy from every car (and sometimes several times per car!).

Last year we waited until Halloween itself to actually go to the store and buy candy.  We were shocked to see the Christmas aisle already up next to the Halloween aisle, and joked to each other about getting candy canes to hand out as candy.  Hmmmm…an idea was born!

We decorated our car with Christmas lights and decor, put on some Christmas music, wore our Santa hats, and handed out candy canes to all the kids at the Trunk-or-Treat.  It was a pretty big hit, and very much “us.”

I didn’t get a picture last year, but here’s this year’s trunk:

sm halloween car

It’s really a huge joke, but kind of a social commentary, too.  The idea that Christmas seems to be getting earlier every year, you know?  Anyway, we had a lot of fun.

Halloween happened to be the same night of our high school’s football game, and our oldest daughter is in the marching band.  The band put together a special presentation of Michael Jackson’s Thriller just for the occasion.  Though the quality isn’t fantastic, here’s a 3 1/2 minute video of the performance.  They open with a zombie walk, complete with an attack on the drum majors, and there’s a fun part with the line of trumpets taking center stage for a while.  Sorry about my hand popping up in the middle of the video – I was trying to show the other kids where their sister was! 🙂  I also really like the end when they all crash to the ground (including the head drum major, who collapses on her stand).  Enjoy:

A close-up of our zombie-fied daughter:

sm hannah zombie