My Polite Version of Road Rage

Dear Texas State Official driving the white BMW (and I could totally put your license plate number here, because I *did* take it down),

Based on my observations during the unfortunate 15 minutes when I had the displeasure of driving behind, near, and around you today, I have some words of wisdom for you. 

Perhaps you should NOT be on your cell phone while operating a motor vehicle, especially since it seems to make you:

  • drift carelessly from one lane to the next without any use of signals
  • get jumpy at traffic lights
  • drive 10 MPH UNDER THE SPEED LIMIT (argh!)
  • proceed to go straight through an intersection, though you were in the TURN ONLY LANE (double argh!)

The fact that you didn’t cause any accidents during those painfully long 15 minutes proves that God loves me more than he loves just desserts, though I’m not sure what the rest of your day will be like given your total inattention to the road.  I can only pray for the other drivers around you.

You are driving a car, not a phone booth.  HANG UP, MORON!


Another driver whose time -and life! – is worth just as much as yours.