I’ve Been Going Through Some Stuff

I’ve been distracted and discouraged by some major stresses in my life lately, and as a result have spent little quality time online.  In this situation, that’s as it should be, really, but I wanted to at least pop in and say that you may find my blog a bit review-heavy for the next little bit as I regain my footing. 

My intention has always been to keep things balanced at at least a 60/40 split, favoring personal and family posts over reviews and giveaways, but when I’m left not sure how to express what’s been on my mind, it’s easier to revert to the more “fun” (and sometimes less emotionally taxing) review & giveaway posts.

I’m not going through anything that we don’t all go through at some point – a re-evaluation of relationship structures, financial worries, time contraints, etc.  I feel like a Magic 8 Ball that someone shook up with the question “What needs changing in your life?”, and the answer came up, “Just about everything!”  And by “changing,” I mean “improving,” so in the end – it’s all good.  It just take healthy doses of honesty to improve on anything, and discipline of course.  Mustering both of those qualities in sufficient amounts has left me a bit overwhelmed.

To fan the embers of my interest in blogging, I’m also going to be fiddling with my site design for a bit, just to keep the creative juices going.  If you stop by and things are a mess, sorry  ’bout that!  🙂  We should resume our regularly-scheduled program pretty soon.

**Interesting note:  I wanted to begin this post with a picture of a butterfly emerging from it’s cocoon, to symbolize change.  But have you ever looked at a picture of a butterfly emerging from a cocoon?  It’s pretty gnarly!  Not as attractive as one might think!  Which I guess would have still be fitting for how I feel, but I thought I’d spare you anyway.