I Would Make a Terrible Detective

My husband and kids were doing an awful lot of himming and hawing through the museum exhibits today.  Hurry up, slow down.  And then an unscheduled stop on the way home.  I just attributed it to the craziness of being out with a large family.

I didn’t know they were closely watching the clock, keeping to a certain schedule.

My 15yo daughter kept texting during our day out as a family, and I kept getting on her case to put the phone away.

I didn’t know she was keeping someone posted about our location and estimate time of arrival.

I left tonight’s dinner prep for our quiet family BBQ up to my husband.

I didn’t notice that he had an unusually large amount of potatoes and eggs boiled for the salad.

After seeing what I picked out for him to make as my birthday dessert, my husband suggested making a second one as well, in case the kids didn’t like the first one.

It never occured to me that was an awful lot of treats for one family.

When we drove up to our house, my husband said, “I’ll get the baby, you go ahead into the house.”

I didn’t know he wanted me to be the first to enter.


I didn’t see any extra cars in our neighborhood.

I didn’t notice the dozens of shoes behind the door.

I didn’t hear a peep before I walked all the way to our kitchen and –


There in our kitchen were several of our good friends, there as part of my husband’s and kids’ grand orchestrations to surprise me on my birthday!  I had NO IDEA!  In fact, I screamed and grabbed my chest when they all popped out.

Thank you to everyone who was here – thank you for being so spontaneous and so loving and supportive of our family.  I had a GREAT BIRTHDAY, and this was a GREAT WAY to finish the day!