What Do You Think When I Say “PTA?”

Everyone seems to have an opinion, a story, or at the very least a reaction to the phrase “PTA.”  I know I’ve been sounding off via Twitter and a few blog post mentions about the rocky start I’ve had this school year as a PTA Board member. 

It’s easy to get frustrated – PTA is a recipe for disaster, after all.  You’ve got different schedules, different personalities, different leadership styles, and different ideas on what’s best for the kids and the school – it’s hard to take all that and mold it into one cohesive, functioning unit!


There’s gotta be something to this.  If not for parent volunteers – be it a PTA, PTO, Booster club, whatever – students might miss essential opportunities for learning, creating a sense of school community, and just having fun outside of curriculum and grades.  With teachers and staff often wearing too many hats already, it’s the parent volunteers who makes these things happen.

This Sunday night on my MomTV.com show “Book Smart,” I want to have a healthy discussion about parent volunteer organizations at public schools.  What works?  What doesn’t?  What are some of the issues that need attention?  I would love to have viewers sound off not only about what makes you crazy about volunteering, but about the successes you’ve seen and the ways these types of organizations can improve.  My hope is that we can support each other and ultimately bring back some positive ideas to our own schools.

If you cannot make the show, I’d love to read your thoughts in a comment to this post, and if you’d like, I’ll share it on the show!  To remind you, “Book Smart” airs on MomTV.com, Sunday nights at 10PM EST.  The direct link to the show’s homepage is http://momtv.com/booksmart.html.