How Housework Makes Me Feel


The title of this post may have you reciting all sorts of emotional adjectives:  exhausted, bitter, disgruntled.  And while there are certainly times when doing housework makes me feel a bit…well…like a servant (sorry, it’s true!), there are other times when it makes me feel something much better:  connected.

When life is busy – as it frequently is around here – housework is the first thing shoved to the bottom of the priority list.  But the longer I go without taking some kind of stock in my home, the less I feel connected to what is happening, what is needed.  Everything becomes so vague.  Getting down to the nitty gritty of housework helps me to clear my vision, see what is in front of me and by extension see where I need to fill in the gaps.

Maybe it’s attached to a sense of control.  Or a sense of balance.  Or a desire to do something more brawn, less brain.  But there are times when doing housework is the single most effective way for me to hit the “reset” button and feel confident in taking on another busy stretch.

That’s not to say I’d refuse maid service or a cleaning fairy.  I’m not crazy, after all!