Fit to Print

edited to add:  OH NO!  I don’t want this post to scare anyone away from joining PTA!  Do it!  They NEED you!  I’m just at a school where (a) I’m on the board, not a general member – being a general PTA member is not nearly as much work (so do it!), (b) we’re brand new and have zero experience or precedent for anything we’re trying to accomplish, and (c) we happen to have very low parent participation (so everything comes down to a small handful of us…can you say burnout?).  I promise I’ll come up with happy, rosy posts about PTA soon.  Until then, this is MY experience only!

I feel like I’ve had so much to blog about lately, and either not enough nerve or not enough interest to blog it.

Does it tell you anything that I’m itching to write a post called, “When PTA Is a Four-Letter Word?”  School hasn’t even started yet, and I’m so tired of the politics and the lack of communication!  Another post I’ve toyed with is “Why PR Is So Much Easier Than PTA,” outlining all the reasons I’d rather be sitting home, emailing with company execs than navigating the murky waters of school volunteer participation.

If I were a better person, I’d be contemplating a post entitled, “I Shall Reserve Judgement and Be Optimist,” but in this case, I’m not a better person.  I’m frustrated and grumpy and already beginning to grumble.  It’s going to be a long year if I can’t plan on posting something called, “It’s All for the Kids, and It’s Worth It!”

What about you?  Do you volunteer in your child’s school?  Have you managed to serve without being sucked into the vortex of volunteer martyrdom?  If so, PLEASE tell me how!

*for background:  I am the VP for Membership and the Chair for Hospitality at an elementary school that is only 2 years old.  We are stumbling along, trying (clumsily) to figure things out!