I Just Play One on TV

Did you know that I’m a world-famous television star?

Let me rephrase that.

Did you know that I host a live-streaming show on MomTV.com called “Book Smart,” every Sunday night at 10PM EST?

If the answer to either of those questions is “no,” then…well…you’d be right on the first one, but in regards to the second one, read on!

book smart edit

Book Smart is about book news, reviews, and recommendations, as well as any issue or topic in literacy, learning, and education that catch my fancy.  More often than not, it’s just little ol’ me sharing some great resources I’ve found, or some books I’ve come to love.  In the future, I plan to have special guests and cool interviews liven up the episodes.

Tomorrow night’s show is my first attempt to mix things up a little, and I’m hoping it turns out as fun as I envision it!  Our family will be putting on our own LIVE SPELLING BEE!  If you know our family, then you might have just giggled to yourself.  If you don’t know our family, let me tell you – we’ve been known to be a little goofy in our own endearing (hopefully not annoying) way.

I’m coming up with grade-appropriate lists of words, each round will have it’s own “theme” (you’ve GOT to watch to see what I mean by that), and here’s the best part – YOU WILL GET TO PLAY ALONG!  We’ll offer our kids the option to use a “lifeline” – and that’s you!  If they get stumped on a word, we’ll call out to our audience for a little assistance, and you could be the one to save our kid’s bacon.

Now, ESPN won’t be broadcasting from our dining room, and there won’t be any huge trophy for the winner.  In fact, all that’s really at stake is some bragging rights and a good time for all.

Some quick instructions so you can join us:

  • go to the show’s DIRECT link at http://momtv.com/booksmart.html Sunday night, 10PM EST.  If you show up a little early, you may even get to watch us prep (which could be interesting).
  • if you want to sign in to chat, click on the “chat” box underneath the main broadcast screen.  it will ask you to sign in with an email and password.  NEVERMIND THAT.  Just enter in a “chat name” that you want to appear in the chatroom, and that’s it.

We’d love for you to be there at our first annual Book Smart Family Spelling Bee.  See you then!