Not Me! Monday (8/10)

For myself, I’ve decided to do a “Not Me! Monday:” Bloggy Confessions edition.

  1. I did not jump up and down and sing sweet hallelujahs when I won my registration to the Type A Mom Conference.
  2. I have not been consequently begging asking various companies for partials scholarships to said conference ever since.
  3. I did not have several small panic attacks accompanied by nervous eye twitching when Twitter went down this week.
  4. I did not email George G Smith, Jr – the Social Media Specialist at Crocs – about the shoes I won three weeks ago in a Twitter contest (and haven’t had delivered to me yet).  It also does not turn out that the reason I never received them was because I hadn’t given him my address in the first place.  (no, I don’t feel like an idiot.  thanks for asking.)
  5. I do not check the forums at MomDot 18 times a day.  I also never giggle at their sometimes scandalous communications (because, remember, I am NOT somewhat of a prude!).
  6. I was not unmotivated to post last week.
  7. I was not bothered by the sound of crickets chirping when I opened my stats report for last week.
  8. I never wish I could some day make it to the “big time” of blogging.
  9. I never ignore my children, skip meals, or let my toddler destroy the living room just so I can get a post or review published.
  10. I never tire of the blank stares I get when I lapse into social media speak.

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