Friday Feeds

Twitter has this charming tradition called Follow Friday, a chance for users to highlight a few of the people whose updates they “follow.”

I’ve decided I do too little of that – spotlighting people I stalk follow online.  Because of that, I’ve decided to introduce Friday Feeds, where I chat about one or more of the feeds populating my Google Reader.

Today’s feeds all have an eye for design and beauty.  I enjoy reading them because I appreciate their perspective, even if my own is decidedly more mundane.

{Evidently} – Wende has the great fortune (I think so, anyway!) of living on the Oregon coast.  Not only do I love her because she once sent me fabulous Oregon root bear after I moved to Texas, but she also posts the most beautiful photographs and thoughtful reflections on her life and surroundings.  She is also very creative and showcases her vintage designs and purchases.  She runs an etsy store called Mireio and daily Tweets a series called “The Best of Etsy.”

{The Modern Hive} – I met Heather briefly at the Mom 2.0 Summit in February, and was so impressed by the feeling of calm and peace emanating from her.  Her blog is very much the same.  She shares bits of design that catch her eye, as well as clever craft/design projects.  Her blog is lovely, and peaceful.  She also runs an etsy store called – no surprise – The Modern Hive, where she sells vintage finds and designs she’s created.  To see more from Heather’s perspective, visit her graphic design blog, Memo.

{Never Without} – Melinda is a friend from Oregon days, whose blog I was unfamiliar with until I actually moved 2,000 miles away.  I knew she had a strong eye for design and threw one killer annual Christmas party, but I didn’t know just how much inspiration she collected from other sites online and the world around her.  Melanie’s blog is a fabulous collection of colors and forms that move her, and her blogroll is nearly as fun as her own site.

{Fresh Nest Design} – This newly-launched company is the brainchild of Deb and Erin, two fun ladies I met at the Mom 2.0 Summit.  Their site is absolute eye candy, as they highlight inspirations, how-tos, space redesigns, and regular design challenges.  You can follow Fresh Nest Design on Twitter, and Deb and Erin individually.  They each have their own visually lovely sites as well, Deb at Mumbo Jumbo and Erin at Schlosser Designs.

I encourage you to check out these blogs if you love gorgeous photography, graphics, and design.  And if you know of other blogs in this same category that you’d like to recommend I add to my Google Reader, please leave the link in the comments!  See you next week on Friday Feeds!