100 Things About Me

Roughly 800 years ago, I had a blog at a strange little site called Blogster.  It looks waaaaaay cooler now than it did 3.5 years ago when I started blogging, but it’s still an alien planet compared to what I know about blogging now (ie:  Blogger and WordPress).  At any rate, I posted my 100 Things About Me list there in January of 2006, and I revisit it today in honor of Erin’s 100th Post Celebration.  (by the way, all corrections or additions are made in red.  after all this was over three years ago!)

1. I like beef hot dogs.
2. Milk Water is my beverage of choice.
3. I do not drink alcohol or smoke.
4. I love seafood and pasta.  (separately is fine, but if they’re together, it’s heaven!)
5. My house is decorated in earthy tones � deep reds, greens, and yellows. can hardly be considered “decorated.”  I have a 2yo again, after all!
6. I collect roosters (but only in my kitchen).
7. I like folk art, ie: Warren Kimble. (eh, it’s ok)
8. I love doing puzzles by Charles Wysocki. (haven’t done one in years, tho!)
9. I adore Mary Engelbreit.
10. I know how to write HTML.
11. I will give up every luxury but DSL high speed cable and wifi.
12. I spend about 3 6 hours a day on my computer.
13. I have no “sense” of crafting.
14. I have a sewing machine.
15. I do not know how to sew.
16. I feel like a fraud going in to Joann Fabrics.
17. Heaven on earth is eating a meal prepared by someone else, served by someone else, and paid for by someone else.
18. I have three sisters.
19. I am a twin.
20. My mom did not know about me until 6 weeks before I was born.
21. My nickname is the “Bonus Baby.”
22. I have never met my biological father, or anyone in his family. (that I clearly remember)
23. I have a step-father, who married my mom when I was 3 and IS “Dad.”
23. I have been in a major car crash.
24. I have been engaged three times.
25. I was married at 19.
26. I knew my husband less than two months before we married.
27. We’ve been married almost 13 over 16 years.
28. I have four five children  3 girls, 1 boy 2 boys.
29. I didn’t have an epidural during any of my labors my first four labors.  I had one during my 5th and wondered what I had ever waited for.
30. I was a very sick during all pregnancies.
31. I’ve attended 4 colleges.
32. I lived in the same house from 3yo to 18yo.
33. I’ve lived in 2 3 states, 7 8 cities and had 14 15 different addresses in the last 12 16 years.
34. I grew up in a very wealthy area (Marin County, CA).
35. My family was NOT wealthy when I was growing up.
36. Even if I had a million dollars, I bet I’d still love Walmart and Target.
37. If I had a million dollars, I’d want to use it to spend time traveling with my husband and kids.
38. I’m not a strong swimmer.
39. Open bodies of water scare me.
40. I stress out when my kids go to play in the waves at the beach.
41. I always use my turn signal.
42. I “talk” a lot to other drivers when I’m driving in the car.
43. But I never swear (I really don’t). Oh, who am I tryind to kid?
44. I don’t watch rated-R movies.
45. I love Broadway anything.
46. I’m an entertainment nut – hello Entertainment Weekly and People magazine. (I’m shameless)
47. I haven’t missed an episode of the last 4 seasons of Amazing RaceI watch more Disney Channel than network television anymore.
48. Current music faves: Jason Mraz, Anna Nalick, Dixie Chicks, John Mayer, Gavin DeGraw. (I still like all of these!)
49. I’m not a big fan of R&B, rap, or country (except the Chicks).
50. I guess my music style is called “adult contemporary.”
51. I can’t believe I’m half-way done. I can’t believe I’m ONLY half-way done.
52. I’m great in front of 50+ people.
53. I’m an introvert in small groups of people.
54. I’ve walked a 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles).
55. I don’t like when pets die.
56. I lose sleep over lots of things.
57. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.
58. I ‘ve worked in hotels for the last 3.5 years about 4 years.
59. I ‘m was the front desk supervisor at a hotel that rhymes with Chariot.
60. I would love to attend the Academy Awards.
61. I would love to eat dinner with Julia Roberts.
62. Heath Ledger in A Knight’s Tale = yummy.
63. I love to read.
64. I don’t read as much as I should.
65. I’m just finishing Eragon Crossed Wires by Rosy Thornton.
66. I’m a writer who doesn’t write.
67. I love music and books and movies that I would never recommend to friends at church.
68. I sometimes get bored at church.
69. I go to church every Sunday.
70. I don’t want to be anywhere else on a Sunday.
71. Conversion is hard. And it stays that way.
72. I was once honored at a luncheon for those who made the dean’s list at my college – I brought my (at the time) 3 children with me, just to say “hah! see what I can do with kids!”
73. I’ve been in many college classes as a very pregnant woman.
74. I am incredibly close to my children.
75. I feel proud as my oldest daughter excitedly enters each new stage of womanhood.
76. Sometimes I think I love my son the best. (he has my heart like none other)
77. I hope I’ll be a cool mother-in-law.
78. I’m hard on my husband.
79. I’m hard on myself.
80. I talk a lot to myself.
81. But I rarely answer.
82. I’m not like anyone else in my family.
83. I’m not like anyone else in my husband’s family.
84. I often feel a little alone.
85. I have had the same best friend since I was 14.
86. My heart longs to travel.
87. I am not good at delegating things.
88. I’m a control freak.
89. I am personally conservative.
90. I am politically liberal.
91. I sometimes wonder why everyone can’t just chill out.
92. I am sometimes a gossip (yuk).
93. I worry about what others think of me.
94. I can be one tough mother.
95. I need a makeover.
96. I’m not good at keeping houseplants.
97. I’m 5’6″.
98. I have mousy brown reddish/chestnut hair. (thank you, Herbal Essence!)
99. I have green eyes.
100. I’ve actually enjoyed making this list.