• Susan

    That is one cool jeep. Your son must be really liking his “new” toy.

  • GMom @ A Mom Is A Job

    Is he the stud of the neighborhood or what? My boys have a corvette and they think they are Rockstars when they drive it. Why didn’t they have those when I was a kid?
    Very cute 🙂

  • Gotta love Power Wheels! He looks like he is having a blast.

    Happy WW!

  • So cool. I’d love one of those for our boys.

  • What an adorable little boy you have! And yes, that does appear to be one VERY sweet ride. =)

    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  • It looks like he really loves it. Happy WW!

  • He looks like he is having fun.

  • He looks like he’s enjoying it. You’re lucky you had one handed down. I’m heading to Toys R Us this week-end to purchase one.

  • Very cute! My son just got a Power Wheel for his birthday and he’s hell on wheels!

  • Sweet Ride Eli!

  • That looks like so much fun, my grandson would luv it!
    Happy WW & mine’s posted too!
    Sunset at the Mouth of the Connecticut River

  • Oh..great picture! My son had one of those and he loved it! So fun!

  • Those are cool! I always wished I’d had one when I was a kid.

  • How cool! My daughter would love that!

  • He looks all grown up driving. I love Power Wheels, the kids get such a kick out of them.

  • nothing can come between a boy and his jeep

  • How cute! I wish I had a Jeep like that. Has he tried four-wheeling over your flowers yet? LOL

  • Live to ride and ride to live:-) Hee, hee, hee! Great shot!

  • Do I detect a bit of road rage..lol He’s super cute, bet he loves his jeep and what better way to use it than on the beach. Heck Yeah!!! Happy WW!

  • I’d love to have that handed down! Looks like he’s having fun!


  • eve @ confesions of a housewife

    too cute! I want to get a pink one for Taylor!

  • Maria@Conversations with Moms

    Checking his blind spot.

  • Hand-me-downs are sometimes the best things. He definitely looks like he’s taking his ride seriously!

  • That is one stylin’ kiddo!

  • yay! looks so fun. I wish I had an adult version

  • awwww Look at him go!

  • Those little cars are some of the cutest toys!