Squirrels in My Pants

Why is it that the more life I live, the less I end up blogging?  Seriously, I have at least five publish-worthy posts floating around in my head, and whenever I sit down to type it out, the thoughts just whisp away.  Kind of like trying to explain a really vivid dream in words – you can see all the details right there in your mind, but it’s nearly impossible to articulate.

Anyway, I thought I’d resort to something else I’ve been thinking about a lot lately:  TELEVISION.  I love television.  And more importantly, I love Phineas & Ferb.

I cannot believe that a year ago this summer, I had never even heard of this show.  Now this Disney Channel staple is…well…our staple.  Every single member of our family LOVESlovesLOVES this show.  Have you ever seen it?  Do you love it, too?  Funny, sweet, smart – this show has it all.  Including Squirrels in My Pants….(enjoy the randomness that is Phineas & Ferb!)…..