• GMom @ A Mom Is A Job

    Wow is he a CUTIE! So funny how a simple haircut can make such a difference. He definitely looks a little older. I just had my son’s hair cut to and he looks at least a year older. From a haircut? Crazy!

  • He does!!! I just did the same with my boys!

  • He does look like a big boy now with the hair cute. Isn’t it funny how haircuts can change how old we look at any age? He is too cute, by the way. :o)

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  • Oh wow, he does look older. It’s amazing how much a little less hair ages you, LOL.

    Happy WW!

  • It’s amazing how a haircut can make them look so much older. Mine’s the same way. Such a cutie you have!

  • I think so too. That is why I keep prolonging cutting my youngest’s hair, although I am getting tired of people commenting on my beautiful little “girl”…

  • He DOES look older! They grow up right before your eyes, don’t they?

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  • Toni @ The Mud Bug

    He does look a b it older but I can still see that wonderful baby face. Happy WW!

  • Mom

    I just love him no matter WHAT his hair looks like! But me likey his new “do”!! xoxoxox 🙂

  • They always look older once they get a haircut and those baby wisps are gone. That’s always been a bittersweet moment for me – the haircut. No more hair to deal with, but they look so grown up.

  • eve

    too cute! he does look older!

  • He does look older. it has always been a rite of passage at our household when our boys get their first haircut. With our first son, mr. Smackdown, i think i cried. he had a bit of a mullet with cute curls. Finally, my husband said, ‘enough’ he needs his hair cut!

  • wow! definitely older. little man. my son looked older with his haircut, too!

    Happy WW.

  • I love his haircut! Handsome man!

  • I agree that he looks older!

  • I LOVE buzz cuts on little boys. It makes them look so freaking adorable!!

  • He does look older. Such a cute picture.

  • He does. It is amazing to me how much a child can age when you cut their hair. I am just glad the same isn’t true for me. 😉

  • I think he DOES look older with the buzz!! What a cutie!

  • naomi

    TOTALLY aged him by about 10 yrs,jk! Super cute! love the shirt 😉

  • Jennifer Walsdorf

    He looks absolutely adorable and yes, looks older 🙂
    What a cutie!