• Can I at least have some butter?

  • LOLOLOL…how about:

    “Maybe you should stick to cereal!”

  • Hmm…she doesn’t look too thrilled!

    Where’s the waffles?

  • crystalreagan

    Hee hee!

    How about this:
    “Mom, instead of blogging maybe you should learn how to cook…”

    I’ve burnt toast plenty of times, too many times to count.

  • Is there a culinary school nearby?
    Happy WW & mine’s posted too!
    Early Morning Connecticut Pasture – Wordless Wednesday

  • That’s a priceless look! lol!

  • “Burnt toast…really mom?”

    LOL, cute picture

  • tara

    LOL, so did she end up eating it?

  • Stefanie

    “Umm..yeah, I’m so not eating that!”

    Cute pic! lol

  • Sara Bonds

    Haha. How funny. That is the same look I would give if I was handed dry toast.

    Happy WW from Sara @ The Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

  • Um…YOU expect me to eat that?

  • Erin @ Closing Time

    Mom, haven’t you learned by now? 🙂

  • Toni @ The Mud Bug

    It’s the thought that counts?

    Um, No?

  • LOL “Can you scrape that off a bit before you give it to me?”

  • LOL..You want me to eat this?

  • Seriously???


  • What IS this!? 😉

    I’d look pretty much the same if I were handed that! I’m not a fan of toast anyways, but, I always seem to burn it for my hubs!

  • “seriously??????”

  • No Jam?


  • Caption: “I don’t want to grow hair on my chest.”

    Am I the only one whose grandpa used to say that burnt toast will help you grow hair on your chest?

  • “I guess I should’ve made my own”

  • Lissa

    “I asked for eggs and got burned toast? Mom really DOES need more sleep.”

    Actually, in my house growing up, we would have said, “Did Dad make chocolate toast?” My Dad burned everything, and we were little so we called it “chocolate.”

  • Juliet

    “When is Dad getting back?”

    Hello, my cooking-challenged friend!

  • Burnt toast again!