Did You See It?

I talked for nearly an hour straight, and I can hardly remember what I said.  Thus ends the premiere of my new show on MomTV – called Book Smart.

Aside from forgetting to tell my mom that the show was actually going to air tonight (DUH), and then forgetting to record the show for playback on MomTV (D’OH), I think everything went alright.  At least from what I remember.  Which isn’t much.  ‘Cause I was nervous.  And I rambled.  Kinda like now.

Deeeeeeep breath.

I’ll get better as I go, I’m sure.  And I’m so grateful for the ladies who tuned in and interacted in the chat room during the show!  Thank you for being there – your time is important, and I appreciate you sharing it with me.  Me, who rambles.  And forgets things.  Like telling my mom to tune in. 

If you weren’t there tonight, I’d like to tell you now that our selection for the book club aspect of our show was announced.  We’ll be reading Garth Stein’s The Art of Racing in the Rain, which we will discuss in 4 weeks during the July 12th show.  Until then, we’ll spend our shows talking about book reviews and recommendations, as well as encouragement and resources for life-long learning and finding/experiencing everday genius.

Please come and watch.  That way I’ll have someone to tell me what I talked about for an entire hour.  And maybe someone to remind me during the show to (a) make sure my mom knows I’m on! and (b) record the stinkin’ show!