Busting At the (Figurative) Seams

Here I just wrote a post about how obese I am, and then I write a blog title about busting seams.  Those are figurative seams, I assure you.  Although, come to think of it, my favorite, well-worn pair of black capris just…ahem…”bit the dust” recently in a terrible squatting accident.  I’m just glad I was at home and it was only my startled husband and children who burst into awkward (then gradually uncontained) laughter.


I have such EXCITING news, but I need to wait just a smidge longer until I spill it.  And in case you were wondering – in scientific terms, “smidge” is roughly longer than a “sec” but shorter than a “while.” 

Here, I know, let’s play internet charades….

me, pointing at myself

me, pointing at computer

me, pretending to roll a movie camera

me, smiling a whole lot

me, sweating profusely

me, babbling incessantly to innocent viewers

me, wondering how I ever stumbled into internet broadcasting

OOPS!  I almost spilled it!  You’re just going to have to check back *very soon* to see what this is all about!  (insert evil cackle….)