Alien Child


My toddler is a pod person.

He must be – what else can account for the strange and incredibly rapid growth in his speech and his sudden embrace of sleep rituals?

This is not my child!

For many months I have been concerned about his speech; for some reason, he seemed late in picking up any of the basics like “momma” and “dadda,” and “up,” etc.  Now?  This week ALONE he has started saying juice, teeth, nose, eye, bye bye, and all done.  Pan out to the last few weeks, and he has started saying momma regularly, barking like a dog and meowing like a cat, saying “no” when asked a question, and repeating “shoes, shoes, shoes” when it’s time to go somewhere.  It’s an explosion of verbalocity around here!

And I am completely startled by the turnabout in his sleep patterns.  First of all, he’s been sleeping past 6am, which is incredible (not to mention heavenly!).  Also, when it’s time to take a nap, he grabs his blanket, stuffed dog, climbs the stairs, goes straight to his room, puckers up for a naptime kiss, and goes right to sleep.  Same thing at bedtime.

Who are you, child?  Certainly not the little dude I’ve known for the past 20 months!

No, he is a new boy.  A little boy, a growing boy.  Not a baby anymore.

This is SO MUCH FUN!