Oh, Glory Day!

New Home (TX) v. Old Home (OR)

New Home (TX) v. Old Home (OR)

I told someone that today’s weather in the Houston Metro area reminds me so much of home.  And look – no wonder why!  Houston and Portland are practically weather twins today!  I cannot tell you what the weather has done for my spirits today.  I’ve already heard so many people muttering, “Wow, summer came early this year,” although to be honest, it came at this time last year, too.  I think for the entire time I live in Texas, I will just count on nasty weather from May to October, that way I won’t be surprised or disappointed.  (well…I may still be disappointed…)

But I actually have my WINDOWS OPEN today, oh, hallelujah.  No horrible humidity or bugs to contend with, just free, fresh, crisp air.  I feel like a thirsty woman in a desert, just lapping up the first drops of nourishment that come my way.  Of course, I know where I’ll wish I was by Friday, but oh well.  I’ll take this when I can get it.

  • Melissa

    I am loving the weather also! We had our windows open yesterday and today. Any time after mid-April that I don’t have to run my A/C is a bonus!