Is Boring Better?

The only things I really like about the film The Devil Wears Prada are Anne Hathaway’s bangs.


I mean seriously – is she rocking those bangs, or what?

We rented the movie when it first came out, and I didn’t like it then; it was just on tv the other night, and I don’t like it now.

Anne’s character – Andy – goes from frumpy, intellectual elitist to posh, fluent-in-fashion, magazine employee during the course of the movie, and she gets completely punished for it.  Her friends tell her she’s sold out, her boyfriend doesn’t even recognize her anymore.  Andy only falls back into their good graces when she gives up the glitz, the glamour, and admittedly some of the FUN she’s having to revert back to the drab, Plain Jane girl they all love and accept.

You can argue that Andy had somehow given up a piece of herself to fit into her new life, and that her friends were just trying to “save” her, but I feel a totally different vibe from this movie.

Sometimes people want to break out, they want to mix things up, they want to CHANGE.  There are, after all, whole worlds out there in orbit around us – we are just impervious to their gravitational pull because we’re so wrapped up in our own little universe.  But sometimes it feels good to play the explorer, and sometimes even better to find that a new world is hospitable and might just be to your liking.

I hate that we sometimes get down on each other for trying out new things, for acting “out of character.”  Characters are for movies, people, even bad ones like The Devil Wears Prada.

I feel like I’m heading into a mid-life crisis soon.  I’m only 35, but putting everything on speed dial like I have – marrying young, having children young – makes me feel MUCH, MUCH OLDER some days.  I recently had the chance for tickets to see two musicians in a small little nightclub in downtown Houston, and my husband looked at me like, “Are we really those types of people?”  As in, do conservative, married parents of many children really drop everything to go see two up-and-coming artists in a trendy little nightclub?  I was so angry at myself, because even *I* had to wonder.

But it all just makes me want to scream, “When did I suddenly age 20 years?!”  I want to do certain things and try certain things and be certain places and not have people frown on me because I’m not doing or being what they expect.  That’s what drives me so nuts about this stupid movie, and that’s what hits such a nerve for me.

It’s not just my age or my stage in life, or even my religion (because NOTHING I am talking about wanting to do would ever compromise my standards) – I think it happens all the time, to people in all walks of life.  We’re just more comfortable with people when they act how we expect, and they give us what we’re used to.  As if all the world believed that boring really is better.