A Thanks and a Happy

I wanted to backtrack and quickly say “Thank You!” to everyone who took the time to leave a comment on my recent rant.  I really wasn’t fishing for compliments, but it did feel very encouraging to get such positive feedback about what I’m trying to do with my new blog.  So, thanks!

Also, I briefly mentioned in an earlier post that my 16th wedding anniversary was approaching.  It was Thursday the 16th – our 16th on the 16th! – and it was pretty lame-o, but it wasn’t anyone’s fault.  That night my husband was just returning from a business trip and our oldest daughter had a band concert.  The next night I was at a friend’s birthday party.  The night after that was an activity at church.  Then began the week again, and of course there’s been no time to go out.  This Friday we have a Scout pack meeting (my son just recently became a Cub Scout), but maybe Saturday night there will be time to celebrate.  Somehow at this point it’s lost it’s sense of urgency, though.  Some years are just like that, I guess!

I did want to share something with you from our 16 years together.  We have three collage frames in our dining room that highlight some of my favorite times as a family:

(sorry it's a little fuzzy)

(sorry it's a little fuzzy)

One of my all-time favorite pictures of my husband and I was taken at my sister’s wedding, just 4 months after we ourselves had gotten married.  I was 19, he was 21, and I was newly pregnant.  I like the picture because it reminds me of those early days, but I love it because it absolutely personifies how we are in our relationship – he’s the silly, cheeky child, and I’m the long-suffering, loving wife.  I’ve always felt like the “straight man” to his “joker,” but that’s ok, that’s just how it is.  Anyway, here it is:


Happy Anniversary, Darling!