Fresh Starts

Thank you, Spring, for this rejuvenation of spirit and burst of optimism.  A few fresh starts to take note of around here:

  • our mourning doves are gone.  I am praying that they’ve found a new home with no sad associations, and that they are working on a new nest.  We’ve kept their old nest as a reminder of them, and also a reminder that life is fragile – enjoy and appreciate it.
  • our church’s General Conference.  Twice a year the general leadership of our church meets in Salt Lake City and broadcasts a world-wide conference to the 13.5 million members.  It’s an opportunity to hear truly inspired talks and reaffirm your faith and strengthen your testimony.  I had some awesome personal experiences during General Conference this past weekend, some of which perhaps I’ll share in the weeks ahead.  Overall, though, it really helped me to redirect some goals, and as one of the speakers said, let my actions follow my conscience.
  • a very strange conversation with my husband, which began with him saying, “I dreamed last night that we had a baby girl.”  Having considered 2009 as the year I would not conceive, birth, or nurse a baby – perhaps for the rest of my years – I was surprised to hear him say this with such longing.  And then when my kids starting in on it, too, I just didn’t know what to say.  For some reason, I thought maybe the kids were done with Mommy being so totally overwhelmed with toddler Eli, but apparently they are game to do it all over again.  I’m not so sure I am, but time will tell.
  • Full Nest Reviews, my new product review blog.  It has had a wonderfully healthy start, and the hard work is keeping me very busy.  I love this blog and will continue to update regularly, but I acknowledge the little cobwebs that are starting to form (mostly with design and link updates).  I will be out to dust soon, I promise.

I hope you are enjoying  Spring in your corner of the world.  I recently answered the question “What’s your favorite thing about Spring?” with the snarky answer, “Well, now that we’re in Texas, my favorite thing about Spring is that it’s not Summer!”  And while that might be true, it’s still good to enjoy this season, and the Easter season, too, for the fresh starts that seem to be ready for the taking.


a recent beautiful sunrise

from our front porch

from our front porch