Failing. Miserably.

*FLUSH*  That’s the sound of so many goals just going down the drain.  Would you like to see my mosaic of March’s Project 365 photos?


Don’t go rushing to check your calendars…NO, March does not only have 18 days in it!  After 70 some-odd consecutive days of taking pictures I just up and….pfffft!…forgot all about it.

And I’m sure you’re not exactly keeping track of this, but I haven’t posted a Fitness Friday post for my Wii Mommies progress in a while.  I’m so scared of what my Wii Fit board is going to say to me next time I log on.  (I have visions of a mean, mean drill sargeant in my head!)

There other things, too – things I thought would be good to get in the habit of doing.  It seems I’ve developed a better habit of NOT doing, though.  Either that, or a habit of doing this!  no, this!  hey, what about that!  I blame it on my addiction to learning.  Once I feel I’ve got something figured out, I’m not so challenged anymore.  Like, yeah, I can take a picture every day for 70 some-odd days.  What’s next?  (though, surprisingly, my 15yo daughter has refused to accept my resignation on Project 365.  she is campaigning heavily for me to start over.  NOW.)

I just feel like a toad lately with things left undone.

One goal I’m happy to report success on?  Next week will be my 16th wedding anniversary.  Ok, so I don’t totally screw up everything!