I Miss Bolt Already

One of our favorite things to do as a family is watch movies together.  Our living room looks like one big pile of bodies on movie night; that’s not hard to do with 2 couches, one rocker, 2 bean bags and 7 people!

Redbox is our friend, mostly because there are several scattered around town, and in wonderfully convenient locations.  Also, they usually have what we want when we want it, and the whole process is just so painless.

boltLast Monday we decided for our weekly Family Home Evening to rent the animated kids movie Bolt.  I vaguely remembered when it was out in theatres, and for some reason I recalled not being all that impressed by the commercials.  I was SO happy on Monday to finally find out what I had been missing!

I LOVED THAT MOVIE!  I loved everything about it.  The animation was fabulous.  I felt they were spot-on with the voice casting.  I loved the “show within a show” aspect.  The humor was wonderful (without having to resort to potty-humor), with a great balance of heart-tugging emotions, too.  I loved all the characters, thought the pace of the movie was perfect.  We watched it every day (sometimes more than once a day!) for a week!  Now we’re all quoting from it.

We rented two more movies last night, and I’m finding out just how much I miss the excellence of Bolt.  The first movie we watched was Bedtime Stories.  We considered it a “score,” since Redbox said it wasn’t supposed to be out until April 7, but lo and behold, it was at the machine!  The movie was….”eh.”  I think I laughed a couple of times, but otherwise, just a lot of schtick.  Now the kids are watching Marley & Me.  I watched the first 30 minutes with them, and same thing…”eh.”  I’m really surprised by that one, too, since I was expecting to love it.  What I was NOT expecting was some of the language in it.  I’m not comfortable with what they allow in some PG movies.  I’m hugely disappointed.

Oh, my dear Bolt, how I do miss you.  We usually have a policy of waiting until local video stores have their extra stock of new movies on sale as “previously viewed,” but I’m not sure I can wait that long to go buy it.  Thank goodness for good kids movies, and long live movie night!