Why You Should Never Get Attached to Wildlife

Oh, that Mother Nature is a heartbreaker.

Nearly two weeks ago, we noticed a pair of mourning doves perching regularly on the narrow brick ledges outside our upstairs windows.  Their distinctive “calls” are lovely to listen to, and the birds themselves are a peaceful kind of pretty, so we enjoyed the chance to look at them up-close.

not our doves...but I wanted to show you what they look like

not our doves...but I wanted to show you what they look like

One day we realized that the male bird was bringing twigs up to one specific ledge where the female waited, and we watched as they painstakingly wove together a little nest.  It was so fascinating!  My husband was worried that maybe we should chase them off or somehow discourage them from adopting our house and their home, but I think we were all too enchanted at being able to see this natural wonder so intimately.

Nest done, the pair perched together, overnight on Friday we realized that there was now a little egg in the nest!  But…that night we also happened to have some severe storms come through, packing 40mph wind gusts in our area.  I could hardly sleep Friday night, just praying that the birds, nest, and egg would make it through.

Saturday came, and the nest and egg were still there, but no parents.  Kind of odd.  They finally returned, and I thought we might be on the road to victory.  But just a few hours later, I went upstairs to take a peek and…no nest.  My heart sunk.

I went outside to the front of our house, and there were the nest and egg, on the ground, destroyed.

The pair returned a short time later, and if a bird can look confused, then I swear to you, this pair looked as confused as any human could look.  My heart broke as they kept swooping up to the brick ledge, then swooping back down to the destroyed nest.  I don’t think I’ll ever look at birds the same.

Our pair of mourning doves has taken to hiding under the bushes in front of our house, and our 12yo daughter (after doing a TON of research online) is convinced that they’ll try to build a nest under there, instead, and then mate to have another couple of eggs.  You can’t believe how hard I’m rooting for them!