Driver’s Ed (or: Pass the Valium, Please)

What do you get when you take ONE TEENAGER:



(honestly, this is what husband drives for work!)

(honestly, this is what husband drives for work!)



You get the first behind-the-wheel experience for teen (and teen’s MOM!).  She doesn’t have her permit yet – we’ve got to go through an online program before we can take her in for the test, but since she turned 15 last month, she’s been persistent about wanting to drive.  “Just a little!” she’s begged.  So today we took about 15 minutes in the church parking lot, and she did just great.  Oh, it’s all beginning….

  • Oh my goodness! I remember my grandpa teaching me to drive when I was 15 (my mother’s nerves never would have stayed intact!). Of course I felt SO prepared, but I just can’t imagine my own daughter driving in the next 6 years. Scary!!

  • How do parents do it?? As a kid I thought I was the best driver, but on reflection I’m seriously amazed my mom didn’t have more grey hairs than she did!! 😀

  • Mom

    Oh boy! 🙂

  • Melissa

    Oh, I know this next year is going to fly by and I will be in your shoes! I am NOT ready!! How did we get her so fast?

  • rdefnet

    THAT car?! Awesome. So much for putting in time on the ol’ family station wagon. FYI – my mother’s and my husband’s first fender benders both happened in church parking lots. In my mom’s case there was only one other car there. Two cars in the entire parking lot – what are the odds! Just adding fuel to the parental worry fire.