25 Random Things about Texas

That “25 Random Things About Me” list has been running as rampant as the flu at our elementary school, and I’ve been tagged more than a half a dozen times.  Too bad I can’t just fan a misty fog of Lysol at it to make it go away.

I’ve decided – just because I’m feeling a little anti-establishment today – to do a variation on the theme and change my list to “25 Random Things About Texas.”  Or more specifically (since I’m still a new resident and this is an awfully big state), “25 Random Things About the City I Live In, Texas.”

  1. I’m still amazed at the scarcity of sidewalks.
  2. and bike lanes.
  3. and public transportation.
  4. and established recycling routines.
  5. And the massive amount of roadside trash.
  6. It’s flat.
  7. and the weather is insane.
  8. It’s either low humidity but really windy.
  9. or high humidity and really hot.
  10. or raining hard enough to peel off your siding.
  11. I do like the spectacular thunder/lightening storms.
  12. But the hurricanes stink.
  13. As do the tropical storm watches.
  14. And the tornado watches.
  15. But there are some days in January that are incredibly pleasant.
  16. I’ve seen roaches the size of small mice.
  17. Lizards and frogs are not uncommon front porch visitors.
  18. They grow mac-daddy mosquitoes here, ALL YEAR ROUND.
  19. There are fewer cowboy hats than you would expect.
  20. Or southern drawls.
  21. Or southern hospitality, for that matter.
  22. There are tons of restaurants, clothing and specialty stores – anything you want you could probably find.
  23. Which is nice…if you have money.
  24. Otherwise, you could fend for your entertainment at the local parks.
  25. Which often have signs that say “Watch for Snakes.”

Wow, I should have played this game sooner – it was just was too easy to come up with 25 things!  In fact, I could probably keep on going.  Ah, Texas, what a strange and random place you are.