Mom 2.0 Summit Launches in Houston

I blog.  Oh, yes I do.

And while it’s not taken seriously by many and looked at with at least skepticism by others, it’s something I enjoy.  I learn, teach, grow, change, and connect through blogging.

Now, if you’re still trying to wrap your head around blogging in general, get this:  we bloggers like to meet up.  In the real world.  At things called “conferences.”  One such conference just recently wrapped up in Nashville called BlissDom.  I read with a mix of happiness for and envy of what a fabulous time the attendees had at BlissDom.  Then I realized something:  I would love me a little piece of that blog-conference action.

And guess what?  Maybe, maybe I can!


For lo and behold, a conference called Mom 2.0 Summit is being hosted right here in Houston!  No air fare to cough up, no hotel rates to negotiate.  I could drive back and forth, be home with the fam, and still enjoy all the meaty goodness of mom bloggers from ALL OVER coming together with social media and marketing experts.

….pause for the dream-like sigh…..

But these things cost money.  My blog may be in the virtual world, but the good people at the Mom 2.0 Summit require that my funds exist in the very real world.  And I’m thinking no amount of walnut-shell-shuffling will POOF! make the necessary things in my life (like groceries…gas…pokemon valentines for my son’s class) disappear.

What’s a girl (with a newly won Flip camera) to do?  Why, make a video begging for sponsorship to the Mom 2.0 Summit, that’s what!

No, this is not do-or-die and it’s not the most necessary thing on the planet for me to be doing.  I get that.  But heck, it sure would be fun.

NOW GO WATCH MY VIDEO AND GET A GOOD CHUCKLE AT WHAT KNUCKLEHEADS WE ARE! Because perhaps if I can’t go to Mom 2.0 Summit, at least I can use this little ol’ blog to make you smile.  (…and…cue the tear…)