All I Got Was a Hurricane for My Birthday

Hopefully my husband’s birthday will be a little better than my last one – considering mine was the day Hurricane Ike blew in.  It somehow takes the shine off a celebration when you’re in a grocery line with 1800 other people just trying to buy yourself a birthday cake.  We actually had a few good laughs trying to explain our “emergency provisions” to everyone around us!

My husband turns 37 tomorrow, Jan 30th.  He has the day off from work, I’ve got some rip-roarin’ errands planned, and we’re taking our family to a big activity at church tomorrow night.  I think “exciting” will have to wait.  Maybe mother nature will bring in some gale-force winds for us, just for old times’ sake.

Happy Birthday, my dear!!


You’re just as handsome now as you were in your Ernie Sesame Street shirt in 2nd grade!!

(and by the way, you made this fair game by putting it on Facebook, dear.  so there.)