An Official Diagnosis

I do not have a problem with high blood pressure.  I HAVE high blood pressure.

The dr clarified that for me today.

And then she prescribed me two medications which I will need to take daily for…hmm…the rest of my life, probably.

Side effects of said medications:  frequent urination and a dry cough.  Which means a lifetime of Depends and Ricola.

Oh, I kid.

I’m feeling very strange about this.  On one hand I feel frustrated and betrayed by my body.  I’m so young!  On the other hand I think I’ve never had a better reason to finally take care of myself.  There’s been some re-evaluation going on today, some letting go, some setting of goals.  And that’s a GOOD thing.

Next on my list of health-related concerns to tackle:  getting my first mammogram.  I just hope my dry cough doesn’t kick up right then.