An Official Diagnosis

I do not have a problem with high blood pressure.  I HAVE high blood pressure.

The dr clarified that for me today.

And then she prescribed me two medications which I will need to take daily for…hmm…the rest of my life, probably.

Side effects of said medications:  frequent urination and a dry cough.  Which means a lifetime of Depends and Ricola.

Oh, I kid.

I’m feeling very strange about this.  On one hand I feel frustrated and betrayed by my body.  I’m so young!  On the other hand I think I’ve never had a better reason to finally take care of myself.  There’s been some re-evaluation going on today, some letting go, some setting of goals.  And that’s a GOOD thing.

Next on my list of health-related concerns to tackle:  getting my first mammogram.  I just hope my dry cough doesn’t kick up right then.

  • You and me both!! Mamograms for us this year ! I think our age is the time they recommend it!! Ready to have your boobs squashed??

  • Lissa

    Youth does not equal good health, unfortunately. This is a minor pet peeve of mine, as I don’t think a lot of people understand that fact until they have something happen to their own health. They just think you’re trying to get out of things and using bad health as an excuse. Funny how they get it once their own body “betrays” them (as you so perfectly put it!). Does the doctor not think that you can ever get your blood pressure down for good?

  • That’s a huge bummer about the high bp! Both my mom and brother have to take meds. I feel lucky in that respect. As for the mammograms though; I’ve had to have those since I was 29. Don’t get me started about biopsies! 😐

  • LCM

    It’s not fair when your body starts betraying you. I have already grown resigned to it at the ripe old age of 33. It’s been happening for over 10 years old, the betrayal that is. If I could, I would split the difference on the blood pressure, mine is usually way too low. The lowest happened when I was in labor with Fiona, 60/40 and I was functioning just fine. Odd, huh?