Audiobook Review: 100 Ways to Simplify Your Life, by Joyce Meyer

What worked for me:

  • I was ready to hear some good advice, and many of the topics covered in this audiobook were spot on for helping me to manage my busy life.
  • I really enjoyed the quotes and scriptures listed at the beginning of each new section.
  • It was a testimony to me of how the scriptures really CAN apply to every aspect of our lives. Sometimes I lose sight and think I need to read the scriptures to learn the stories and know my facts, but truly – if you are a person of faith – the scriptures can be used as a practical guidebook. Meyer does a great job of weaving holy writ into the every day.
  • I had several “aha” moments listening to this book, when I was reminded of some simple common sense approaches to what have seemed to become such difficult dilemmas.

Where I struggled:

  • I found it ironic that she had ONE HUNDRED things to tell us about simplifying our lives. Wouldn’t it have been simpler to have listed fewer? I appreciate the fact that Meyer was probably trying to cover a very wide spectrum of needs and experiences, but after a while, I found the points were either redundant or in actual conflict with other points (for example, don’t worry about tomorrow, BUT, plan for the future).
  • Sometimes Meyer’s writing style comes off as absolute. I found myself quietly disagreeing with some areas where she seemed particularly convinced of her message.
  • While Sandra McCollom’s reading performance was well done, I sometimes found her voice like that of a college professor giving a lecture. Perhaps it was the nature of the material, as well. I think I would have responded differently if the reader’s tone of voice had been warmer (for lack of a better word).

Though I do have those few reservations, overall, I did find myself encouraged, inspired, and spiritually uplifted by 100 Ways to Simplify Your Life.


Category: Religion
Publisher: Hachette Audio

Format: Audio CD (4)
Publish Date: 11/12/08
Length: 4+ hours