Book Review: The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman

Though I am a book lover through and through, I have very few author crushes. I think I just developed a bona fide one on author Neil Gaiman, though.

I have never read anything by Gaiman (::an audible gasp sounds ’round the book blogging world::), but heard nothing but good buzz about The Graveyard Book. The cover intrigued me, as well as the title, and I finally got ahold of it at the library last week. I knew very little about the book going into it, which made for an utterly satisfying experience. In light of that, my review will be very brief; I’m considering it a service to you currently uninitiated, soon-to-be Gaiman fans.

Here goes…
Jungle Book + The Corpse Bride = The Graveyard Book. Orphaned boy, raised in unlikely surroundings by unlikely caregivers. Adventure ensues.

That’s it! The many of you who have already read and reviewed this book, do you think I do it justice? And those who have not read it yet, how long will you wait to pick up your copy?

If I haven’t done enough to pique your interest, just take a look at the variety of book covers you can find via the internet:

The covers may look morbid (especially the second one, what’s up with THAT?), but this is Middle Grade fiction (ages 8+), and though there is some intensity (including the opening scene, which is a little disturbing), this book is free of language and explicit violence , and there is zero sexual content. It’s a great, clean read, though maybe just slightly off-kilter. 🙂

Book details:

Publisher: HarperCollins
Format: Hardback
Publish Date: 09/30/08
Pages: 320


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