Putting Up a Front

Have you ever seen where something dramatic is happening in a movie, and the camera zooms in on a weather vane spinning this way and that (to symbolize an unexpected and willy-nilly change in atmosphere)?

I’ve never lived in a place where it felt possible that the weather would actually do that.  UNTIL moving to SE Texas, that is.

Last week I was running errands, and when I headed to my car in the parking lot, I literally felt the air shift, start gusting, and cool down several degrees all at once.  It was so trippy!

This morning my husband took our oldest daughter to church seminary at 5:45.  It was 68 degrees and sticky outside.  In fact, it was sticky INSIDE and our thermostat read 77.  Just one hour later, my husband walked out the door to take daughter #2 to school and they both hopped right back inside, shivering.  The wind had picked up and it was chilly outside!  In fact, the outside weather gear said it was 51 degrees!  It dropped 17 DEGREES in just one hour!

Now, several hours later, it’s freezing outside.  Apparently an arctic front has just slammed its way into the Houston metro area.  It still plays with my psyche because when I looked at weather.com, it said our “high” was supposed to be 63.  I told my husband, “Well, it says here that it’s supposed to warm up today!”  He had to remind me that we had already reached our high.  My brain is still set to west coast weather, where your high comes some time in mid-afternoon.  But not here!  Your “hi”s and “lo”s come anytime they please.

So, at any rate, I’m enjoying the cold.  I’m not enjoying that toddler Eli is sick and I have to take him out, but I am appreciating the actual winter-like weather.  It may not be snowing (like it is back in Oregon – sniff, sniff, sniff – how I envy your mid 20’s and mid-30’s right now!!  and the snow days!!!  sob….), but I’ll take what we can get!