All Talked Out

I just wanted to share how proud I am of my two oldest girls today.

My husband has a leadership calling in our church which requires that he sometimes travel to other congregations and speak in their Sunday meeting.  Today he traveled to a Spanish congregation, which I’m sure he volunteered for, since he is fluent in Spanish and loves every chance to speak it.  Sometimes when he travels he brings someone from our area with him to share in the speaking responsibilities, and today, he brought our 14yo daughter!  Reminder:  to a SPANISH congregation!  She is taking Spanish in school and has loved it, so my husband worked with her last night to come up with a five-minute talk for her to give this morning.  I was so proud of her willingness to do this, especially since with nearly four years of Spanish under my belt (and a strong intermediate ability to speak/understand it), I never have the nerve to practice my skills.

In our own congregation today, my 12yo daughter was scheduled to give a short talk.  I was so surprised and pleased when my husband and oldest daughter made it back to our own ward just in time to hear the 12yo speak.  My husband was beaming and said that our oldest did a FABULOUS job in the Spanish ward, and I could tell that she was pretty tickled with herself.  Then we sat together as a family and listened to our 12yo talk about her understanding and appreciation for mortal life and agency, and the ability we have to come to earth and live and grow and try our faith and work to make good choices.

Both girls showed a lot of maturity and responsibility today, and it made me proud to see what kind of young women they are growing up to be.